Eikosogram (Java GUI Application) code description

This file contains a description of the java source code for the eikosogram program. First, download the source code (a java archive named sourceCode.jar)

The contents of the sourceCode.jar file are seen via:

jar -tf sourceCode.jar 
and extracted via
jar -xf sourceCode.jar 
Changes can then be made to the source *.java files as appropriate.

Description of source code

Details on the design of the code can be found in the University of Waterloo M.Math (Statistics - Computing) Master's Essay by Glenn Lee (supervisor R.W. Oldford).

This application contains six classes:

Creating an executable JAR file:

Suppose that changes have been made to the source *.java files and we want to recreate a new jar file, say eikos-new.jar,
  1. First compile the new java code, thus generating all class files.
    javac *.java
  2. Create a text file named eikosogram.mf containing the following 2 lines:
    Manifest-Version: 1.0
    Main-Class:  Eikosogram
    Note that this file has been created and is part of the sourceCode.jar archive; it is located in the directory META-INF and is named MANIFEST.MF This file can just be copied into the directory containing the source code and naming it eikosogram.mf.
  3. Type the following command at the command line:
    jar cmf eikosogram.mf eikos-new.jar *.class
    or, to include the source as well,
    jar cmf eikosogram.mf eikos-new.jar *.class *.java 
Now the new version can be run by typing:

java -jar eikos-new.jar

or launched by simply double-clicking the eikos-new.jar file.